Work with Claudia


I support self-directed and aspiring self-directed young people and their families. I work one-on-one, with families, and in small groups. My goal is to develop life-long relationships–transitioning at the appropriate moment from the mentoring relationship to friendship, and occasionally, collaboration. I am a certified .b Mindfulness for Teens instructor. Please inquire via email.

Designers for the Greater Good

Beginning September, 2016, I’ll be offering a year-long, online program for teens to support them in creating individual and collaborative Projects for the Greater Good. Cohorts of 8 participants will meet weekly via video-conferencing in hands-on, live Design Studios where they will work with a series of guest Exemplars–young people who have imagined, designed, launched, and led successful local and global projects. Participants will be working on weekly design challenges throughout the week, building the wide range of skills necessary for successful projects (including systems thinking, participatory design, the science of compassion, compassionate communication, mindfulness, organization strategies, identifying and engaging mentors, curation and presentation, etc.)  Projects created by many of the Exemplars and Mentors center on a few key themes: Earth Systems (e.g., land restoration, water, sustainable agriculture, energy, species preservation); Ecological Design; Solutions Journalism; Health, Happiness, and Well-being; Economics; Social Justice; Conflict Resolution; Politics & Democracy. We have no doubt program participants will identify other key themes as the program evolves.

My co-facilitator and mentoring colleague for Designers for the Greater Good is Barry Gelston. Barry coaches young people online, one-on-one, in mathematical thinking. Barry makes his home in the Boston area.


I host small monthly #LearningConversations to support mindful parenting. Subscribe to the blog for announcements and follow @ClaudiaInWorld on Twitter.


I consult with a wide range of organizations.

Recent consulting clients include: the NROC Project, NFTE Bay Area (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurism).

I am advisor to: Project Happiness, JeepNeed, and The World Prayers Project.

If you are interested in working with me, please send proposals to clamoreaux (@)

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