Flow as an interface – SidGabriel Tai Chi dances his Visual Flow Controller at ARDevCamp 2010

I like how SidGabriel thinks. He imagines using Tai Chi to control computers. Even more I like how he moves. And I appreciate deeply that this lovely piece of AR code he wrote rides on the arms and legs and backs of dancers who inspired him.

Ten minutes of Tai Chi flow…everyday would have an effect. 

In a second video on Sid’s Posterous blog, he explains the optical flow algorithm he used to an ARDevCamp attendee who tells Sid that it would be a wonderful way for kids to interact with computers.

And if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sid and friends host ARDevMob – an Augmented Reality Meetup group.

Bio: SidGabriel.com

Twitter: @SidGabriel

YouTube: LightNucleus

(Thanks to Mark Petrakis for leaving bread crumbs on the FB trail that led to Sid ;D)

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